Saturday, June 2, 2012

Al Sharpton, "Keeping it Real"?

Rev. Al Sharpton, host of the show "Keeping it Real", made some very disturbing remarks towards Republicans this May:

"It seems like they [Republicans] act as though, some wiping out of people, some of the right-wing, is all right, it’s not all right to do to any innocent people. If you had war and people that’s one thing, but to wipe out innocent people just because of who they are like what was done in Hitler’s Germany or what was done to Native Americans is not justifiable,"

Sharpton did it. He compared the Republicans to Nazis.  The Rev. spouted unfounded, untrue and frankly obscene comments towards the Republicans accusing them of attempting to wipe out African Americans. Whether you are a Democrat or a Republican, this is offensive. Having quality political dialogue and debate is healthy and necessary in our democratic environment. There are many opinions and voices in our nation that need to be heard, this is why we have different political parties representing the population. This is why we have conversations about issues. This was no conversation. This was simply feeding a paranoia. Comments such as Sharpton's are ill-informed, insensitive and politically incorrect, no matter which party you side with.

The reason I am up-in-arms over these comments is because it results in a bit of a stalemate. Republicans will have a difficult time addressing these comments because Sharpton pulled race into the issue. That's the trump card. You can't win against rascist accusations, no matter how you word it. The use of fear to win votes is vile, whether it's along issues of race or issues of the economy.

Yes, Al Sharpton, we all know racism still exists at home and around the world. Let's work to make the situation better, not drive more wedges between human beings who are all the same.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Obama Deficit Fix and Class Wars

I`m not a fan of big government. More taxation, not a fan. Me paying less taxes while Warren Buffet and co. pay more, well I could live with it. Here`s the rub. Obama needs to find money. Rich of the rich have been paying less and less in taxes since the 80s. (early in fact). What's wrong with paying more? I actually get the argument that you don't want to tax the rich who are the job creators (they'll take the money they'd be paying in taxes, and instead do what they're good at doing--make more money.) To make more money you need to create more jobs. Win. Problem though, if you take a look at the financial collapse, how many of the hundreds of millions in BONUSES paid to bank execs were for job creation? None. All for increased short term profit. That's a problem. The rich fat cats WEREn't creating jobs. I know some will, but the whole system is based on short term greed. Will the government do a better job spreading out the wealth? I really doubt that. But the flipside hasn't worked lately. There seems to be no winning. Ps. I don't buy the 'class war' that will split America. Last I checked something like 5% make more than 1 million a year. 95% v 5% isn't 50% v 50%. Anyway, let's hope we don't get into another squabble where nothing gets done... oh wait, too late.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Americans slowly getting stoopider

FYI, although I'm not always a Michael Moore fan, he's right, there's something wrong with public education and it's a local problem, not an international one.

America neesd to drop money into their schools. Right now we're too interested in ourselves (or private lives), ironic given we'll reap the problems of a broken education system.

Or maybe we already are?

Thursday, July 7, 2011

The Greatest American Achievements in 100 years?

100 years from now what will we regard as the crowning moments in US history during the 21 st century?

Will it be like the past 100 years?

When you think about achievements and the most memorable moments that have national and wordlwide appeal, I can only think of the wars.

That's what we have to show, 100 years of war?

I'm sure from an international perspective Americans are a bunch of war mongering imbeciles.

To use at home, we remember the wars, the attacks on home soil, maybe the great run of Jersey Shore.... but what about contributions to making our country better and the world?

Did we contribute the expansion of the global economic system? That one seems to have bred greed and more problems.....

Any thoughts on what we'll look back and relish?

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Palin Needs to Brush Up on History

She should read this:

And people who would ever vote for her should be punched in the kidneys

Monday, June 27, 2011

In a hundred years - Christianity in America

What will we say?

From about the turn of the 1960s there's been a steady out pouring (literally) of people from the pews. Urban centers saw it first, Bible belt strongholds are starting to see the cracks 50 years later.

But in a 100 years what will we say about Christianity in America?

Are we really a Christian nation? Sure, our fabric speaks volumes of the founding members, but for the past 40 years what do we have to show?

It seems mostly just a bunch of wars (that's another post).

A change of culture is to blame (I don't think you can blame culture though), and apparently the church is capable of contextualizing itself, yet here we are in a post-Christendom world losing influence and memebers.

When our kids look back and see the slow exit of consumer Christianity what will they say?

If you don't believe we're seeing mass exodus then you're kidding yourself. But it just find it curious that history books will talk about a very different, secular, almost Nordic like America in a 100 years from now.

Assuming we're still around..... *fingers crossed*

Monday, May 23, 2011

SNL Celebrity Apprenctice

I don't usually watch SNL, but I figured I'd check it out since Timberlake and Gaga were on.

One of the funnier moments was the 'Weekend Update' segment with Seth Meyers. The satirical news desk show poked fun at Donald Trump and his Celebrity Apprentice show.

Trump thinks he can win the Republican nomination AND be President.

He has hubris, he thinks way too highly of himself. He's also a narcissist. All while he was drawing attention to himself over the Obama birth certificate fiasco, the real President was working his tail off finding Bin Laden. You know, national security stuff.

Anyways, it was funny when Meyers noted that how would a celebrity win the Presidency if he can't even win his TV time slot?

Then again, Arnie did get to be governor of California, so nothing's impossible....